This Old Dude’s 7-Minute “I Hate Gays” Speech Reminds Us Gay Haters Are A Dying Breed

Last month, a Gallup poll revealed that Americans’ support for laws recognizing same-sex marriages as legally valid hit a new high of 55%. The poll also found that nearly eight in 10 young adults now favor gay marriage.

Adults between the ages of 18 and 29 are nearly twice as likely to support marriage equality as adults aged of 65 and older, according to Gallup.

So it comes as no surprise that when Sterling Heights city council allowed its citizens to voice their opinions for a proposed LGBT non-discrimination ordinance, an elderly man and self-proclaimed leader of the Vanguard of Christ the King, took the podium to deliver a 7-minute hate speech against gay people.

“The gas pump does not belong in the radiator,” Don Lobsinger angrily yelled into the microphone.

Here are a few highlights from Don’s epic ‘hate’ speech, and reasons why we should oppose protecting gays:

Sterling Heights’ non-discrimination ordinance “is a violation of the principle of equality, because it singles out special treatment and special protection,” and would make “homosexuals more equal than non-homosexuals.”

All men have an obligation “to recognize and acknowledge God as their creator and supreme being to whom all men including atheists are subject.”

“Although equal in nature, men, being both male and female, are not equal in gender.”

“the gas pump does not belong in the radiator.”

“if someone is in the lunchroom, and put a banana in his ear, every one of you would say there was something wrong with him!”

Lobsinger also challenged the mayor to a public debate, saying, “because I’ll lick the hide off of you.”

When his allotted time was up, law enforcement offices were asked to remove him. “You can’t stand the truth!,” he yelled as he was escorted away.

The ordinance was passed a short time later by a unanimous 7-0 vote.

Watch below: