Have A Good Laugh Reading 20 Homophobes FCC Complaints About The Michael Sam Kiss On ESPN

Back in May, we celebrated the moment Michael Sam became the first openly gay man to be drafted into the NFL. Then he celebrated that joyous moment by kissing his longtime boyfriend.

ESPN carried this beautiful and historic moment live during their prime-time coverage of the NFL draft, to the horror of thousands of homophobic viewers.

A handful of these Americans filed a complaint with the FCC.

Deadspin writes:

Through a FOIA request, we’ve received the indecency complaints received by the FCC regarding Sam’s kiss (which also included some cake-smushing). There were 20 legitimate ones, a decent haul considering it was a Saturday-afternoon cable broadcast over which the FCC doesn’t even have jurisdiction.

The following complaints have been transcribed via the FCC’s complaint list, which you can find in-full, embedded below:

I am contacting you to let you know that EXTREMELY disturbed and concerned with ESPN)the worldwide leader in SPORTS). Today, May 10th during primetime television,
they use extremely poor judgement and showed two men kissing on national television although they had the opportunity to cut the footage completely. I don’t allow any of my young children to watch any kind of kissing on television and I certainly do not want them to observe homosexual kissing. I am greatly offended and I understand that people have the right to do whatever they wish, but I also know that I should not be subject to viewing their bedroom activity on NATIONAL TELEVISION on a SPORTS NETWORK!

I am not sure what good this will do or who I should contact in regards to making sure this never happens again, but I would sure like some feedback. I watch ESPN for the SPORTS and it seems as though lately they have been pushing a homosexual agenda. Thank you and if you have any helpful information on what I can do, please do advise.

Poor Janet Jackson got spanked by the FCC for showing a boob during the Super Bowl halftime show, but two men kissing, that deserves jail time!

The FCC chastised Janet Jackson’s Breast during the [Super] Bowl, but will anything be addressed about two men tongue kissing during the NFL Draft?

This homophobe is afraid the kiss may have turned their children gay:

The show depicted homosexual acts openly between two men when Michael Sam was drafted. He was shown to be repeatedly kissing his “boyfriend”. This is harmful to children, and is also obscene and disgusting, and should not be shown on daytime television if it must then the rating must be changed to suit the poor quality of the show.

This person couldn’t handle a college athlete coming out as gay. Must have been an evil April Fools’ joke by ESPN:

Watching NFL draft for the last several days on ESPN. A college athlete announced he was openly gay. Then kisses his boyfriend.

This guy didn’t enjoy two guys french kissing:

Two adult males French kissing after Michael Sam was picked in the third round of the NFL draft.

This person thought ESPN’s coverage was dripping wet in horrifying “homosexual relationship” and “displays of affection.”

The constant repeated showing of a homosexual relationship displays of affection to the point of saturating the program.

Read all 20 complaints below:

Michael Sam kiss by Deadspin