Chilling Video Shows The Moment A Giant Twister Leveled Small Town Sending Entire Buildings Skyward

A video shot late Monday afternoon near the small town of Pilger, Nebraska, captured the bone-chilling carnage of what appears to be an EF4+ twister leveling the entire town.

Building roofs, walls, and cars, were sent flying thousands of feet into the air by the giant tornado as it tore through the town of 350 people.

“It was like God dragged two fingernails across the the land,” said Gregg Moeller of Wisner, describing the devastation after two tornadoes touched down in Northeast Nebraska.

“Oh my God, the damage is unbelievable,” said Moeller, who teaches in the Wisner-Pilger school system.

Faith Regional Health Services in Norfolk reported early Monday evening that 16 people were in critical condition and one dead.

Update: The National Weather Service in Valley says the Pilger tornado appears to be an EF4, with estimated wind speeds of 166 to 200 mph.

A 5-year-old girl, who took refuge in a trailer home, died at Faith Regional Health Services in Norfolk after her home took a direct hit from the tornado which leveled 75% of Pilger.

Watch the jaw-dropping video below:

A second and third video captured the same tornado from different angles:

The town of Pilger moments after a large twister leveled the town, and yes those are twin tornadoes in the distance:

It appears a third tornado touched down briefly near Pilger, NE:

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