Jonah Hill Promised To Kiss The Head Of Channing Tatum’s Di*K If He Lost A Bet

Jonah Hill made a strange x-rated bet with his “21 Jump Street” costar, Channing Tatum. If the film had a big opening weekend, Jonah promised to get down on his knees and kiss the tip of Channing’s dick!

Sounds like a win-win for Mr. Hill.

Watch the interview on Conan below:

You may remember last week, a video was released showing Jonah Hill being harassed by a paparazzo who mocked his floral board shorts, saying, “I like the shorts though, bro. Those are pretty sexy.” The paparazzo added, “Have a good day, enjoy.” Hill responded with an anti-gay slur, saying, “Suck my dick, you faggot.”

Hill later publicly apologized multiple times.