Cop’s Gay Kiss Pisses Off Westboro Church & U.S. Military Color Guard Makes History At D.C. Pride Parade

An Arlington Police officer and his boyfriend decided to show a group of Westboro Baptist Church protesters what love looks like, with a passionate kiss during D.C.’s 2014 Gay pride parade.

10296960_10152227236683995_320962483566166828_n[Photo Credit: Mark Raimondo/TheGailyGrind]

Officer D.J. Stalter, and his boyfriend Mark Raimondo, told us they had seen the hateful protesters at the parade and “wanted to show everyone that you should be proud of who you are regardless what some people think.”

The kissed apparently ticked off the WBC enough, they shared they following picture tweet and message:

A U.S. military color guard marched alongside rainbow flags in Washington’s gay pride parade, a first for the pride event.

An eight-member color guard team from the U.S. Army Military District of Washington lead off Saturday’s pride parade, a historic first after the Department of Defense authorized their participation.

The color guard carried the American flag and flags of each military branch. Capital Pride organizers had requested color guards in the past but were rejected every time.

Pentagon spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Nate Christensen says an Armed Forces color guard did perform at the Pentagon last year for a Defense Department pride event. Another performed again Thursday for a pride event, according to WJLA.

Check out more Instagram photos from DC’s pride below: