Wisconsin Pizzeria Treats Newlywed Gay Couple To Their First Meal As Husband & Husband

After hearing the news that a Federal Judge had found Wisconsin’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional, Christopher Graham called his partner, Andrew Capelle, and they rushed to the Milwaukee County Courthouse.


On Saturday, he posted the following to Facebook:

“Yesterday, my husband and I could legally get married in Wisconsin,” he said. “After our ceremony (and staying to witness several others) we stopped in last night for dinner to celebrate.”

Graham and his husband visited Transfer Pizzeria & Cafe on Mitchell Street with some friends to celebrate their first meal together as husbands.


“When the check came, our server, Melissa, told us that our bill had been taken care of by the staff,” wrote Graham

The couple posted a photo of the receipt on Facebook, showing that the $54.00 bill had been paid for in full.


“It was an amazing day that we (will) never forget,” Graham said. “Especially how your restaurant and staff made it even more wonderful.”

More than 80 couples were wed at the Milwaukee County Courthouse Friday evening after U.S. District Court Judge Barbara Crabb ruled the state’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional.

Today, Judge Crabb denied a request from Wisconsin Attorney General JB Van Hollen to immediately stay the ruling she issued on Friday.

But, that wasn’t the only act of kindness seen on Friday. Check out what these Wisconsin police officers did to help the newlyweds celebrate their special day: