Check Out The Brilliant Response A Canadian Radio Host Had For A Homophobic Facebook User

Ryder, a weekday mornings radio host on Hot 107 in Edmonton, Canada, posted a hilarious Facebook interaction he had with a homophobe on his Facebook page.

Ryder made some comments on-the-air about a pride parade he had attended with a few of his work colleagues.

A pissed-off viewer left the following message on his Facebook page:

Just heard some CRAP on your show about how gays have better parades and eyebrows????? What the fuck man? If I ever hear you talk about pro homo bullshit again I wont ever listen to your radio station again. I’ll be telling your bosses this too.

Ryder responded to the comment by posting a picture of two men kissing, which obviously made the homophobe very upset.

Check out the entire interaction below:


Ryder added:

Lost a listener this morning. Totally worth it.