Honey Maid Snacks Celebrates Pride With “Equality Is Wholesome” Tweet

Honey Maid Snacks is joining a long list of corporations celebrating LGBT pride month with a tweet on Thursday celebrating equality.

Honey Maid shared a gif of two graham crackers stacked vertically like to look like an equality symbol, with the tagline. “This is Wholesome.”

The tweeted gif was accompanied with text reading, “What makes a family, family, will always be the same. Share this to show your support for all families.”

In March, Honey Maid graham crackers launched a beautiful ad campaign called “This Is Wholesome,” celebrating the different kinds of families including a single dad, an interracial couple and a gay couple.

The ad triggered a large homophobic backlash which included several anti-gay organizations and conservative talk show hosts.

Instead of ignoring the hateful comments, Honey Maid decided to take a stand and use this moment as an opportunity to once again celebrate love and family instead of hate and despair.

“On March 10, 2014 Honey Maid launched ‘This Is Wholesome,’ a commercial that celebrates all families. Some people didn’t agree with our message,” Honey Maid explains in the new ad, displaying screenshots of negative responses the company received. “So we asked two artists to take the negative comments and turn them into something else.”

Watch Honey Maid’s response to hate below: