Marriott and Hotwire Target LGBT Travelers With New Ads

Travel deal site Hotwire and hotel group Marriott International, are rolling out new campaigns which target their LGBT clientele, and there is a business incentive driving the new gay ads.

According to LGBT marketing specialist group Out Now Global, the potential value of the LGBT travel market was set to reach $181 billion in 2013.

Hotwire is welcoming gay clientele with their new “Lucky Me” ad:

Marriott International is going after the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community with a new social media and marketing campaign that launched today.

According to USAToday:

#LoveTravels will feature images wrapped around five hotels in Washington, D.C., print ads in LGBT media, an online portrait gallery and other ads in various U.S. cities. The ads will feature openly gay NBA player Jason Collins, among other spokespeople. Images and videos plus personal stories will be available at and at

“Our goal is really to educate and engage and shift perception of our portfolio brand,” says Kristine Friend, senior director of segment marketing for Marriott International. “We’ve decided to kick off a holistic campaign that really helps celebrate inclusiveness and beautifully illustrates our desire to make people feel at home at our hotels.”

Watch Mariott’s #LoveTravels ad below:

Jason Collins even joined the Marriott campaign: