Oprah & Starbucks Ruined Homophobes Mother’s Day With New Lesbian Couple Ad

The Americans for Truth about Homosexuality’s president, Peter LaBrea, said his Mother’s Day was ruined after viewing a new ad for Starbucks’ Teavana Oprah Chai Latte which featured “snuggling Starbucks lesbians” in what he described in a blog post as “an alphabetic homoerotic embrace.”

LaBrea writes about Starbucks execs’ support of sexual sin:

Let’s face it: finding substitutes for overpriced yuppie coffee is pretty easy. We’ll see what happens, but one thing is certain: Starbucks execs are not backing down in their support of sexual sin and they surely aren’t acting like they fear the consumer power of mobilized religious conservatives.

As for the content of the ad, Oprah and Starbucks are dead wrong: Two lesbians “moms” are NOT better than one mom–especially one raising children with her husband and their father in a real marriage. And if higher numbers are better, wouldn’t three or four lesbian moms be best? We used to take it for granted that kids do better with a married mother and father, but now that’s a point of contention and marriage itself is being radically redefined.

You are wrong Mr Labrea, two moms are better than one because their love is all that matters. Watch the full ad below:

[H/T: RightWingWatch]