Judge Rules Idaho Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

U.S. Magistrate Judge Candy Dale has ruled Idaho’s ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional.

Judge Dale’s 57-page decision, states, “Idaho’s Marriage Laws withhold from them a profound and personal choice, one that most can take for granted. By doing so, Idaho’s Marriage Laws deny same-sex couples the economic, practical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of marriage, relegating each couple to a stigmatized, second-class status. Plaintiffs suffer these injuries not because they are unqualified to marry, start a family, or grow old together, but because of who they are and whom they love.”

According to the Idaho Statesman:

The court’s injunction is effective 9 a.m. Friday, meaning couples can not get married at this point. Gov. Butch Otter filed a preemptive motion requesting an immediate stay should the state lose earlier on Monday. That motion is pending before the court.

Idaho Governor Butch Otter issued a statement this evening stating his intentions to fight the ruling:

“In 2006, the people of Idaho exercised their fundamental right, reaffirming that marriage is the union of a man and a woman. Today’s decision, while disappointing, is a small setback in a long-term battle that will end at the U.S. Supreme Court. I am firmly committed to upholding the will of the people and defending our Constitution.
[H/T: Instinct]