Tumblr “Unhappily Ever After” Places Disney Characters In Their Miserable ‘Real World’ Lives

Animator Jeff Hong’s Tumblr “Unhappily Ever After” places several famous Disney characters in their closer-to-reality real world lives.

According to Fast Company:

Each day, Hong, an artist at Nickelodeon, posts new and childhood-recontextualizing images of beloved Disney cartoon characters getting run over by the freight train of reality. It’s not as though we haven’t seen these characters go dark before either in cartoons or mixed in to our world. The images on Unhappily Ever After are just a little bit more anchored by real-life sadness. Pocahontas here is not the killer warrior we’ve seen before, but rather a casino employee. I don’t know if I can bare to find out what condition Nemo from Finding Nemo is in, or if he’s ever even found.

Check out Hong’s work below: