Watch: The Real Reason Men Are Circumcised Will Shock You

If you’re not Jewish, and you’re circumcised, you need to watch the following video by College Humor.

As comedian Adam Conover explains in College Humor’s latest “Adam Ruins Everything” skit, circumcision outside the Jewish and Muslim faith is nothing more than Puritanical sex-shaming.

According to the skit, early doctors performed genital mutilation surgeries on babies in an attempt to keep them from masturbating.

“But it’s cleaner! It helps reduce the risk of HIV transmission!,” they say.

The skit explains that although circumcision may slightly reduce the risk of transmitting HIV, condoms are by far a better and more effective way of stopping HIV transmission. Washing your penis also keeps it clean and infection free!

Check out College Humor’s skit below:




[Photo Credit: MetroTimes]