Marines Singing “Let It Go” From ‘Frozen’ Will Make Your Day!

A video of a group of brave Marines signing “Let It Go” from Disney’s hit film Frozen, has gone viral after it was posted on Facebook by Bill Nuche, a Marine in Bryan, Texas,

“Ok this is what happens when you let a bunch of marines watch ‘Frozen,'” Nuche wrote in a caption to the video on Tuesday. “They are all waiting for a specific part at about 2:20 in.”

Apparently Nuche’s superiors did not approve of their video. “One of our NCOs came to inspect the barracks. Apparently a Facebook friend of his shared my video. He requested I take it down. So I shall. But it’s already out there,” Nuche wrote on Thursday. “There is now stopping it now, mwah ha ha!”

Watch below and watch what happens at the 2:20 mark:

[H/T: Instinct Via People]