Artist Strips Down Army Boy Then Paints His Entire Body For Art Project [NSFW]

Neil Curtis is an artist who has launched a nude body painting video project titled: “Replace clothes with paint.”


Curtis has his male subjects, ranging from military men to the wood-cutters, get naked on a chair, and gradually paints them from head to toe.


The final video sequence will be projected onto a wall at a 90 ° angle.


“Doing body painting is something I discovered to like quite a long time ago,” Curtis told The Pride Review. “I think I was a kid when I started to realize that I like to paint on my body. I painted my hands, later also my chest and at one point I thought “why not covering the entire body?” I was not interested in painting a motive on the skin, the process of changing or covering the skin was more interesting and a logical consequence.”

Watch Curtis use this army boy’s body as a living breathing canvas:

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[Photo Credit Neil Curtis]