Avril Lavigne Offends Japanese Culture With ‘Racist’ ‘Hello Kitty’ Music Video, Removes Video

Avril Lavigne is feeling the wrath of an online backlash after releasing what some are calling a ‘racist’ music video, for its offensive depiction of Japanese culture.

The singer released her single “Hello Kitty” Tuesday, and was removed from Lavigne’s official YouTube page as of Wednesday afternoon.

In the “Hello Kitty” video, Lavigne’s dons a cupcake-tutu, drinks sake, raps in Japanese, and dances with four expressionless Japanese females.

Twitter users condemned Lavigne:

Even Billboard.com tweeted this message:

Although the original video has been removed from Lavigne’s YouTube page, it remains on her website.

UPDATE: Avril responded to the controversy with the following tweet:

Watch Lavigne’s original music video below and tell us if you think the video is ‘racist’ below in the comments: