College Students & Instructors Stage Hilarious Walk-Out During Peter LaBarbera’s Anti-Gay Seminar

This story will brighten your day and restore your faith in humanity.

When Sinclair Community College students and instructors heard that the leader of the anti-gay hate group “Americans for Truth About Homosexuality” was coming to speak on their Dayton, Ohio, campus, they came up with a brilliant way to protest his speech.


The target of their protest was Peter LaBarbera, better known as “Porno Pete” due to his fascination with attending gay events like the Folsom Street Fair, for ‘research’ purposes of course.

“Porno Pete” must have thought he had hit the jackpot at Sinclair Community College, because when he walked in, this is what he saw:


Moments later, students and instructors got up and walked out en masse:


And of course he would blame “liberal professors” for the embarrassing walk-out protest:

Dan Savage explains more about Porno Pete here:

[H/T: GoodAsYou]