LOL: Jon Stewart Mocks Fox News’ Ridiculous ‘Spring Break’ Coverage

Fox News’ Sean Hannity devoted five ‘hard-hitting’ segments over the past week to expose what is really going on at Spring Break in America, as if anything has really changed over the last few decades.

Jezebel adds:

With the help of a panel (which, naturally, included our old friend Gavin McInnes), Hannity concluded this about spring break: Don’t allow your adult daughter to go party, encourage your son to go party (so he can slut it up with the slatterns whose parents don’t know any better), smart college kids will bring their own cocaine, and no one — NO ONE — will have as much fun at spring break as the Fox News crowd did when they were in college.

Leave it, once again, to Jon Stewart to point out the ridiculousness of all this (and God bless the Daily Show writer who came up with “twerker’s comp”).