Controversial Film “Gerontophilia” Explores The Gay Relationship Of A Teen And An 81-year-old

Director Bruce La Bruce’s new controversial film, “Gerontophilia,” follows the experiences of an 18-year-old boy, Lake, as he discovers his attraction to older men while working at a retirement home.

“While working at the facility Lake falls for an 81-year-old man named Mr. Peabody, later coming to learn through his work that the patients are being purposefully overmedicated,” sccording to Towleroad. “Lake then tries to break Mr. Peabody free from his current circumstances and embark on a road trip across Canada.”

LaBruce revealed his inspiration for the film in a recent interview with Vocativ.

“I am now middle-aged, and I hope I will run into gerontophiles in the near or distant future who will appreciate me as a sexy, stimulating and fascinating sexual object,” he told Vocativ. “It’s also a good metaphor for any sort of taboo or transgressive sexual peccadillo, a celebration of anyone who goes against the grain of society or nature. Young is fun, but old is bold.”

Watch the trailer below:

Watch the “Strip Poker” excerpt from the film below: