Breaking: Judge Forces Indiana To Recognize Couple’s Same-Sex Marriage

A federal judge has granted an emergency request to force Indiana to immediately recognize the marriage of a lesbian couple, who wed in Massachusetts.

Indy Star reports:

Judge Richard Young heard arguments in Evansville, where attorneys for Amy Sandler and Niki Quasney argued for immediate recognition of the couple’s Massachusetts marriage via a temporary restraining order. Quasney, of Munster, was diagnosed in 2009 with ovarian cancer and is terminally ill.

The order will last for 28 days. A preliminary injunction hearing is scheduled at that time.

The couple argued that the emergency request for recognition is about dignity and recognizing a family.

The state argued that its definition of marriage is based on protections for children who come out of unplanned pregnancies and that granting temporary restraining orders are not a matter of emotional equity but of legal rights.

Sandler and Quasney joined a federal lawsuit filed last month that challenges Indiana’s gay marriage ban and the state’s refusal to recognize same-sex unions legally performed in other states.

The suit is one of five such legal challenges filed last month to Indian law that bans same-sex marriage and prohibits recognition of such marriages conducted legally in other states. They join more than 60 others filed nationwide as part of a movement that took off last year after a U.S. Supreme Court decision gave full federal recognition to legally married gay couples.