1930’s Disney ‘Gay-Bashing’ Mickey Mouse Comic Surfaces Online

You might think of Mickey Mouse as the friendly and magical icon of the Disney Corporation, but his dark past has recently surfaced online.

A 1931 comic strip featuring Mickey visiting his ‘effeminate’ neighbor Kat Nipp, has been making its rounds online.

At first, Mickey is scared that his neighbor is a ‘tough bird,’ nervously answering his door saying: ‘Oh, I beg your p-p-pardon! But are you the tough g-g-gentleman who lives here?’

See what happens next:

A stunned Mickey realizes Mr Nipp is a lisping, prancing homosexual stereotype.

Mickey responds violently calling him a ‘Cream-puff inhaler’:

Disney has come a long way in recent decades, recently appointing an openly-gay President and is even sponsoring Orlando’s first annual week-long vacation celebrating LGBT families.

[H/T: GayStarNews]