Watch: Mother Talks To Her Adorable 4-Year-Old Son About Gay Marriage

Amazing Mom, Devin Clifton, recently decided to sit her 4-year-old son down and talk to him about an issue most parents wouldn’t dare bring up.

“I made a video of my first conversation with my 4 year old son about gay marriage,” Devin wrote to Gay Marriage USA.

She added:

We have brought him to local pride festivals and he has been around gay couples but this is the first time we had ever talked about it. I wanted to show how 1) it is easy to explain homosexuality to kids and 2) everyone is born innocent and taught to be hateful.

I knew how accepting he is when he was 3 and told two black guys in drag that he liked their dresses. He is such an amazing kid. I am lucky to have him.

Watch Logan and Mom’s conversation about gay marriage below: