Anderson Cooper Destroys Arizona’s Bigoted GOP State Senator Defending Religious Anti-Gay Law

Anderson Cooper destroyed Arizona State Senator and gubernatorial candidate Al Melvin over the controversial anti-gay SB 1062 bill on AC360 tonight. If signed into law, the bill would allow businesses and individuals to discriminate against gays and lesbians based on their ‘religious’ beliefs.

Cooper pointed out that sexual orientation is currently not included in Arizona’s anti-discriminatory legislature, asking Melvin if he had any knowledge of a single instance someone in Arizona has been discriminated against based on their religious beliefs. Melvin could not come up with one example, and maintained that the bill was a preemptive measure, meant to protect religious freedom, not be a means of discrimination.

Cooper then proposed a hypothetical situation under the pending legisaltion, where a business person could discriminate against a divorced woman or an unwed mother because Jesus clearly spoke against divorce in the Bible.

Melvin fired back:

I think you’re being far-fetched with all due respect sir. As a Christian, as most God-fearing men and women would respect unwed mothers, divorced women, who would discriminate them? I’ve never heard of discriminating against people like that. I never have.

All of the pillars of society are under attack in the United States: The family, the traditional family, traditional marriage, mainline churches, the Boy Scouts, you name it,” said Melvin, clearly frustrated by the line of questioning.

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