Exclusive: Sonali’s “Who We Are” Music Video Features Young Gay Couple Trying To Find Acceptance From Family

Check out the exclusive premiere of Sonali’s “Who We Are,” a pro-LGBT themed music video featuring a young gay couple struggling to hide their love from homophobic family and friends who don’t understand.

who we are01

Sonali shared with us the inspiration for the music video:

The inspiration for my video came from hearing first hand stories from some of my best friends, and how difficult it was for them to find acceptance, whether it be at home with family, school with friends, or just society in general, due to their sexual orientation. To me it’s appalling that a human would not want to treat another human equally. Love is the most powerful and beautiful thing in life, who are we to deprive someone of that? I want this video to help show the world that love is love, no matter what.

Watch the inspirational music video below: