High School Bully Apologizes To Gay Classmate After Watching His Marriage Proposal On Facebook

A week ago, we shared the beautiful marriage proposal of David and Lucas. The couple shared their emotional proposal video with the following message:

What do you do when you want to give your boyfriend the surprise of his life? If you’re Lucas, you just have the police shut down a major city street, get STEP UP star Briana Evigan and a bunch of other hot dancers to shake their booties, and make sure all of your friends are standing by with cameras and kleenex. No video could possibly capture the magic we all felt that night, but this one sure does a damned good job!


One of the over 190,000 views the video has received so far, came from the former high school bully of Lucas (We will refer to him as B.)

B contacted Lucas on Facebook after watching the video on Facebook.

B wrote:

I’m sure you have no idea who I am. I went to high school with you. If you do remember me, it’s probably not positive as I was a bit of a asshole back then. I saw your video today on Faebook and wanted to say Congratulations! No need to respond I just wanted you to know that I think what you have is awesome and wish you the best.

Lucas shared his Facebook correspondence with his former bully, below:


apology 02

Watch the marriage proposal below:

Lucas and David from LUCAS and DAVID on Vimeo.

Lucas also took some time to share with us his bullying experiences in High School and the closure he received after being contacted by his former tormentor.


Can you tell us what kind of bullying you experience in High School?

Lucas: Well I don’t want to play the victim too much because I know there were and are lots of kids that have it way worse than I did, I was well-liked for the most part but I got my fair share of name-calling, aggression, and was beat up more than once. The worst of it was really just being shut out of groups that I really wanted to accept my friendship.

propose02[Lucas (left) and David (right)]

How did B bully you, if you can remember?
He, specifically, was not terrible, but in my memory he was definitely lumped into a group of guys that caused me some distress. The kind of clique that motivates you to succeed and prove that you’re worthy of being accepted.

How did you cope with bullying and being gay in High School?
Lucas: I tried to play to my strengths. I was terrible in any athletic capacity, and that led to some scars, to the extent that I won’t even join the gay dodgeball league. I tried to make up for it by being the BEST at everything. I was president or leader of almost every club or group at one point or another, including my Freshman class, and National Honor Society. I starred in the plays and was a champion public speaker. I was the leader of the marching band, a trumpet soloist, and I had excellent grades. I even got to speak at graduation. Laughter was my greatest weapon. I’ve always been funny and I knew at an early age that it’s hard not to like someone who has you in stitches.

What was your initial reaction when you first read his facebook message?
Lucas: I gasped when I saw the name. Then tears. Before even reading the words I just knew that this was going to be a good note, and when I read the words and his follow-up response, I sobbed. That sounds dramatic but it’s true. A good cry on-and-off for upwards of an hour.

Did B’s message bring you some closure?
Lucas: Absolutely. Like I said, he wasn’t one of the worst, but to me his apology felt like it spoke for all the people who used to pick on me. Like there was a sad little boy inside me and somebody went up to him and said, “Hey buddy. Don’t worry anymore. We like you.” It was really healing. I meant every word when I said he had given me a gift. I feel incredible.