Son Comes Out To His Amazing Mother Live

In another live ‘coming out’ video, watch as a teenage son comes out to his amazing mother over the phone.

My favorite line has to be when Mom tells her nervous son:

I want you to be happy, thats what I want. I want my baby to be happy and to be happy with who you are…Because you only get one shot around, you know what I mean? You only get one shot at life. You don’t get to do it over. You have to do it the way that makes you happy.

Watch the touching video below (skip ahead to the 1:46 second mark to see his coming out):

Update: After coming out to Mom, the son says he came out to his father the day after. He writes: “I was very nervous but after i had told him he gave me the biggest hug and told me that he will always accept anyone for who they are.