Watch These Four Hunks Deliver A “Cream Pie” Video Love Letter To Ellen DeGeneres

Four hunky boy band/rappers who call themselves “The Cream Pies,” have delivered a rap video love letter to the one and only Ellen DeGeneres.

The boys explain their video:

This is no joke. During our last get-together, we talked about what we should rap about. Outside of Bill’s Donuts, our families, The Scream Pies, and each other, there was one person that we all loved whole-heartedly: Ellen DeGeneres. So this is our most sincere tribute to her. This is not an attempt to get on her show (although what an amazing experience that would be), because that isn’t how we roll. This is just an honest homage to the impression Ellen has left on us. And she agreed to appear in the video with us! She always looks so happy in person! Lol. So, ANYWAY… we say, “We Love You, Ellen”, and this song’s for you.”

Watch below:

[H/T: Boy Culture]