TV Reporters Encourage Kids To Try Boiling Water Snow Trick; Hundreds Burn Themselves In The Process

As the so-called “polar vortex” continues to bear down on the U.S. plunging much of the country into the lowest temperatures in almost two decades, the media has come up with some clever ways to show viewers at home just how brutally cold it is outside.

You may have seen a flood of TV reporters throwing cups of boiling water into the air yesterday and then excitedly watched as it drifted back down as snow.

Several reporters encouraged their audiences to try the science experiment at home, just like WCCO-TV news anchor Jason DeRusha did:

Reporter Stephanie Elam even showed Anderson Cooper the nifty trick:

When done correctly, it’s supposed to look something like this:

But for many, the trick went horribly wrong and many shared their horror stories on twitter:

YouTube was littered with disastrous boiling water failed attempts:

…and then this poor girl did this:

Ok America, you can now stop trying to burn yourselves.