Homophobic Baker Scribbles Anti-Gay Message On Lesbian’s Anniversary Cake

An Arlington, Virginia bakery refused to apologize to a lesbian customer after she ordered an anniversary cake for her partner and received a cake with a sloppily written homophobic message.

Sarah told The Advocate she placed an order for a cake with a bakery near her job in Arlington, in order to surprise her genderqueer partner, Lindsey on their anniversary.

She had ordered a carrot cake from the bakery’s catalog that was decorated with balloons and asked for the balloons to be replaced with the message: “Happy Anniversary Lindsey! Love, Sarah.”

Sarah instead received a chocolate cake with balloons and a sloppily written message that appears to read: “Lesbian Anniv. No Ballons.”


Sarah said that a manager apologized for the sloppy text but refused to apologize for the cake’s homophobic message. He did refund her money and offered her a “less sloppy” cake.

“When it occurred to me that this was probably an intentional insult to my relationship, I was appalled at the audacity of the cake decorator or baker or whomever was responsible,” she said. “It’s disappointing to know that when I want to honor the most important person in my life, I have to worry about some intolerant person ruining the surprise I had planned.”

The couple said they plan on eating the free “no ballons” cake, perhaps in a show of defiance to the homophobic baker.

The Advocate points out that while Washington, D.C., where the couple lives, has a comprehensive anti-discrimination policy in place that prohibits discriminatory treatment on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, neighboring state Virginia has no such law against discrimination based on either characteristic, according to Equality Virginia.

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