Russian Neo-Nazi Group Kidnaps and Tortures Gay Black South African Student In Latest Attack (Video)

Since our first report unearthed the shocking and horrific torturing of young gay teenagers and young adults in Russia, hundreds of videos have continued surfacing online in recent months showing the brutality against homosexuals in Putin’s Russia.

One of the over 500 Russian “Okkupaj Pedofilyaj” neo-nazi groups, lured a South African national student into a trap and tortured him for hours in Belgorod, Russia. The student, who came to Russia to study at the local University, identified himself as 20-year-old David Smith, according to DC-based Spectrum Human Rights.

In a video his captors published online, David can be seen being held against his will in a bathtub. His kidnappers then shave his head in a reverse mohawk, paint the shaved part green, assault him with a watermelon and later attempt to humiliate him by forcing him to perform oral sex on a beer bottle.

His attackers initiate their humiliating torture and kidnapping by asking the student if he would like to have sex with a cat:

Then proceed to shave his head:

They make him kiss a watermelon…

…before smashing it into his face:

They continue their humiliation by making him simulate oral sex on a beer bottle…

And force him to pose with the Neo-Nazi movement’s infamous hand signal:

Finally, his captors force him to declare the phrase “White Power” in Russian to the camera. According to Buzzfeed, Smith filed a complaint with local police but was subsequently expelled from the university he was attending.

These Neo-nazi thugs attempt to justify their violent attacks by claiming their victims are pedophiles while offering little to no proof. In several cases, they have accused their gay 15 and 16-year-old victims of being pedophiles.

“This thing of paedophilia, that comes from the thugs and that is the excuse they use to justify their actions. They’re neo-Nazi skinheads, the paedophile thing is just a ruse. It’s a thinly veiled smokescreen for homophobic attacks,” said attorney Coenraad Kukkuk.

According to a news release from the Sova Center which tracks violence in Russia, in October 2013, over 20 people were injured in racist and neo-Nazi attacks, two of them fatally. They also report that since the beginning of the year, racist violence has killed 18 people in Russia and injured 141. In its travel advisory, the State Department says non-white Americans have been “victimized in violent attacks by ‘skinheads’ or other extremists.”

Watch the torture incident below:

The Russian Neo-nazi group has also begun exporting their anti-gay movement to the nearby Ukraine. Their infamous leader, Maxim Martsinkevich (aka “Tesak”, i.e. “Cleaver”) has just completed his Ukrainian tour where he personally captured and tortured two 16-year-old gay boys, calling them “pedophiles,” according to Spectrum Human Rights:

Watch a disturbing video of the incident below where the teenage victims were forced to perform a “slow dance” to further humiliate them:

The neo-nazi violence is not just contained to homosexuals in Russia. According to Spectrum Human Rights: “Recently the same Neo Nazi groups conducted so-called “White Train Car” action where they attacked and severely assaulted non-ethnic Russians passengers in Moscow subway. The attack was carried out in the broad day light while chanting “Kill! Kill! Kill!”, Russian police did nothing to stop it.”

Watch the attack below: