McKyna Invites Her Girlfriend Chelsie To Homecoming On Stage At Macklemore Concert (Video)

“Same Love” rapper Macklemore, made High School senior McKyna Jacobson’s wish to invite her girlfriend Chelsie Price to her high school homecoming dance come true, at a recent concert in Spokane, Washington.

The special moment came after Macklemore finished a performance of the gay rights anthem “Same Love.” He invited McKyna, who has been dating Chelsie for 10 months, on stage and generously stepped back to give his stage & the attention of crowd of 8,000 to the couple.

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“I knew I liked girls since I was the age of 4, but you were the first girl I ever fell in love with,” McKyna told her girlfriend before asking her to the dance.

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The crowd erupted into cheers as the couple embraced and kissed.

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McKyna spoke to us about her incredible experience:

It was amazing hearing the crowd cheer as I introduced Chelsie as “My beautiful girlfriend.”

I had never experienced that kind of feedback living in a small, conservative town like Ephrata. I was so excited to be going to homecoming as the first ever same-sex couple but this made it even better. It became something bigger than just my girlfriend and I.

Finally we would have a chance to show everyone that there is nothing wrong with being gay and that it is just about love. It was a chance to reach out to the public and share our story. It was an amazing experience that wouldn’t have been possible without advocates such as Macklemore.

I can only hope that one day going to homecoming with the same gender will not be as news worthy; that one day it will be a matter of who is your date and not your date’s gender is.

Watch Mckyna ask Chelsie to the prom below:

McKyna’s Mom added:

The entire concert was simply stellar. I have no words for how it feels to see my amazing kid speak her heart before thousands of supporters. I have no words for how it warms my heart to see her love Chelsie, a girl who loves her back – just as she is.

I have no words to express my appreciation to Ben Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Honna Kimmerer & the group…..I think they will cherish equally those who spoke to them as they exited the arena or rolled down their windows to congratulate them! To those & the many who have cheered from afar, thank you for supporting all LGTBQ youth be they “out” or not.


And here is their beautiful prom photo:prom [Image Credit: McKyna Jacobson]

Watch Macklemore perform “Same Love” before handing the stage over to the girls: