Watch: Skydivers’ GoPro Captures Fiery Mid-Air Collision Between Two Skydiving Planes (Video)

Two planes carrying a total of 11 skydivers and crew collided in midair this weekend, sending one of the planes careening into the ground while another limped safely back to the runway.

The collision occurred in the sky, about 12,000 feet above northern Wisconsin.


CNN reports:

The crash happened Saturday evening over Superior, Wisconsin, near the Minnesota state line. It happened as the two planes were flying close by as the skydivers prepared to jump in formation, Superior Fire Department Battalion Chief Vern Johnson told CNN.

Robinson said the lead plane, which crashed, had four skydivers aboard along with its pilot; the trailing plane had five parachutists.


Johnson said the pilot of the lead plane told firefighters that before the jump, he heard a loud bang and his windshield shattered. The plane caught fire and broke up in midair, but the skydivers and the pilot all parachuted to safety.

“Everybody got out safely. The pilot got out safely, used his emergency parachute and landed,” Robinson said. “In the trail plane, all five jumpers got out of the airplane safely and landed safely.”


The pilot of the plane that crashed “was visibly bloodied about his face and shirt and had one hand wrapped in a garment, but was otherwise lucid, alert and oriented,” Johnson said. The pilot of the trailing plane landed safely and picked up the pilot of the crashed aircraft along the runway as he taxied in, Johnson said.

Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News reports on the skydiver’s incredible story of survival below:

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[Photo Credit: NBC NEWS]