Lady Gaga’s Entire ‘ARTPOP’ Album Leaks Online

Nine days ahead of its official release, Lady Gaga’s full ARTPOP album has leaked online and in high quality.

Mother Monster’s ARTPOP leaked in the early hours of Saturday morning and has continued to circulate and surface on various file sharing sites in full HQ. Gaga has not issued a comment on the ARTPOP leak yet, but she had been expected to release “Dope” tomorrow on iTunes. She has already released “Applause,” “Do What U Want,” and “Venus” over the past couple months.


Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP leak tracklist is as follows:

01 “Aura”
02 “Venus”
03 “G.U.Y.”
04 “Sexxx Dreams”
05 “Jewels N’ Drugs”
07 “Do What U Want” (feat. R. Kelly)
09 “Swine”
10 “Donatella”
11 “Fashion!”
12 “Mary Jane Holland”
13 “Dope”
14 “Gypsy”
15 “Applause”

One of the sites circulating a copy of Gaga’s ARTPOP is ONTD.