Survey: 38% Of Americans Say They’ve Done Things Because God Told Them To!

A new survey by YouGov found that 38% of Americans say they have done something because God told them to, while more than half of people who believe in God say that the higher deity sometimes controls weather and disasters.

Out of the 76% of Americans who said they personally believe in the existence of a God, half say that they have done something at least once because God told them to do so. Including non-believers, this makes up 38% of the entire country, YouGov’s survey points out.

According to YouGov:

The group most likely to have acted on God’s command are ‘born-again’ or evangelical Christians, who make up about a third of Americans. Almost two-thirds (65%) of born-again Christians say God has told them to do something at least once before. Only a quarter (25%) of the remaining population have ever had the same experience.


In broader religious terms, Protestants (56%) are much more likely than Catholics (39%) to say that they have done things under the instruction of God.

44% of people in the South (where evangelical Christianity is particularly common) and 41% of people in the West say God has told them to do something before. In comparison, only 30% of people in the Northeast and 32% of people in the Midwest say the same thing.

Republicans are also among the most likely to say God has told them to do something, as 42% do. However, the belief is nearly as common among Democrats (40%), and is actually least common among Independents (37%).

Few say that this happens very frequently, with only 10% of people who believe in God saying ‘all the time’ and another 16% saying ‘most of the time’.


I wonder what this woman thinks about YouGov’s survey: