Watch The Most Epic Over-The-Top Wedding Proposal Of All Time, Ever!

Justin Baldoni has delivered what is without a doubt one of the most elaborate and over-the-top wedding proposals of all time. The 29-year-old Los Angeles actor and filmmaker proposed to his fellow actress Emily Foxler at the Blu Jam Café in Los Angeles, the restaurant where they had their first date more than a year ago.


As Foxler shows up to find the restaurant empty except for her, a television is set in front of her table and Baldoni shows up on the screen, explaining that he’s running a little late.


What follows is a nonstop 27-minute video montage of Baldoni recreating music videos to the boybands ‘N Sync and Boyz II Men songs, donning drag clothes for a “Dancing Queen” number and even staging a flash mob dance sequence to Bruno Mars’ “Marry Me.”


Watch the epic proposal below:

[h/t buzzfeed]