60 Minutes Profiles Gay Teen Prodigy Who Invented Award-Winning Cancer Test (Video)

In June, we introduced you to 16 year-old scientist and humanitarian Jack Andraka, who has already changed the world with his award winning invention of an early stage Pancreatic Cancer diagnostic test. At 15, he won the $75,000 Intel ISEF Gorden E. Moore award, for his life saving test which according to London Evening Standard is “400 times more sensitive, 168 times faster and 26,000 times cheaper than today’s.”


His device, inspired by the death of his uncle from pancreatic cancer, is a non-invasive paper sensor that detects an increase of a protein indicating the presence of pancreatic, ovarian, and lung cancer during their early stages, increasing the likelihood of survival with early detection. Sadly, only 5.5 percent of those with pancreatic survive for five years.

“Really, I don’t think it’s that I’m really smart,” Andraka told Safer. “I mean, I know people that are way smarter than me. You can be a genius, but if you don’t have the creativity to put that knowledge to use, then you just have a bunch of knowledge and nothing else. I mean, like, then you’re just as good as my smartphone.”

When an interviewer from the London Evening Standard asked Andraka four months ago wheter he was into girls and drinking, Andraka replied, “I’m gay, so no. And I wouldn’t know where to find alcohol.”

Check out the wonderful 60 Minutes profile of Andraka below: