Why Is A Creepy Clown Terrorizing a British Town?

The residents of Northampton, England are living in a nightmare scenario straight out of a Stephen King novel. Someone in Northhampton is dressing up as a creepy clown, carrying a bouquet of balloons and standing on random street corners staring at people passing by. His white makeup and wild red hair is spooking grown adults and small children alike.


He has been known to sometimes knock on people’s doors, offering to paint their homes, but he never carries any painting equipment with him.


The Atlantic Wire reports:

The clown isn’t doing anything violent, mind you, so it’s not exactly like a Stephen King novel. But it’s close! Because clowns are terrifying, and they scare people. The Northampton Herald & Post reports clowns have been popping up in random places all across town lately, so much so that a hashtag and a Facebook group were created to track the sightings. The Northampton Chronicle reports police believe multiple people are behind the clown sightings. A warning was issued so residents wouldn’t be so startled the next time a clown is standing in the middle of the side walk.


Gawker Reports:

Local police have issued a warning following multiple sighting of the costumed creep — or creeps — and at least two hashtags have been created to track the Stephen King fanatic’s every move.

A Facebook page claiming to be associated with the Northampton Clown has debunked several popular rumors related to the stunt, including that it is being perpetrated by teenagers, that it is a promotion for the popular “scare attraction” Dr. Fright’s Night, and that it is part of a set-up for the filming of a mockumentary about a “local clown.”



One theory is that the clown is part of a viral marketing campaign for the horror film All Hallows’ Eve. Check it out for yourself: