Tasteless French Gambling Ad Mocks Kennedy Assassination (Video)

A new commercial released by a French ad company turns one of our nation’s darkest hours into a comedy skit. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy is now an Abbott and Costello punchline.

PMU, a French betting company, released a TV and Internet ad that uses the Kennedy assassination to sell its product, according to the New York Daily News, which reported:

the plot revolves around one Dallas police officer who bets another that he could spin his gun around his finger three times, “like a cowboy.”

The hopeless cop tries his hand at the trick but ends up firing the weapon in the process.

The bullet ricochets off a staircase, hits a mailbox and knocks a woman’s ice cream scoop of her cone before it ends up in the vicinity of the limousine — sending the Jackie look-a-like fleeing.


“It wasn’t down here,” the officers say, pointing upward to suggest another shooter.

The ad closes with “You like to bet?” written across the screen, as sirens are heard blazing in the background.

The creative was produced by Publicis Conseil Paris and released online this week.

Watch the ad below: