Olympians And Athletes Send Messages of Love & Support To Russia’s LGBT Via Tumblr Site

A new online protest has sprouted which encourages pro-equality athletes to show their LGBT love and support on the new Tumblr page, The Olympic Spirit. There has sharp increase in homophobic hate crimes and violence against LGBT citizens in Russia following the passage of an anti-gay law which essentially outlaws homosexuality. A new bill was recently introduced that would take away children from their gay parents. The law would place homosexuality in the same category as alcohol and drug abuse.

The Tumblr site was created three weeks ago, and the site has already featured two former Olympians: Australian swimmer Marilyn Chua and Austrian swimmer Elvira Fischer. Several of the other athletes are from universities, including The University of Michigan and UCLA.


If you are an Olympic hopeful, former Olympian or an athlete of any kind and believe in equal human rights for everyone, head over to Olympic Spirit to show your message of support for Russia’s persecuted LGBT community.

Check out some of the pro-equality athletes that have left a message below:




“I support LGBT rights and denounce Putin’s Law! The IOC must NOT allow Russia to host the Oympics!”

– Marilyn Chua, 2000 Sydney OLYMPIAN & UCLA Swimming Team Member

“I believe in equality. I support LGBT rights. I believe in the Olympic Ideal. Putin’s Law does NOT uphold the Olympic Ideal. Why should a country with homophobic laws be allowed to host the Olympics?”

– Jennifer (Noddle) Douglas, former UCLA swim team captain, NCAA All-American, and Canadian National Swim Team member.





“Homophobia is not an Olympic value. If athletes must comply with the Olympic Charter so must Putin and the IOC. NO to Putin’s law. YES to equality for all.”

– Emmanuelle Schick Garcia, former Spanish Junior Swimming Champion and UCLA Swimming captain.