Global Protests Against Russia’s Anti-Gay Law’s Are Happening Today

As world leaders gather in Russia this week to take part in the G20 Summit with their anti-gay host, Russian President Putin, global protests have been planned today from New York City to Melbourne, Australia.

The global protests named “Speak Out for Russia” aims to put pressure on world leaders to challenge Putin on his controversial anti-gay propaganda law. According to All Out: “It’s a massive opportunity for us to build the pressure. If we gather in our thousands just before the meeting, on Tuesday 3 Sept, we can push world leaders to ask President Putin to repeal the anti-gay law, face-to-face.”


The Global Speak Out for Russia campaign was organized by online activist group in partnership with GLAAD, Truth Wins Out, Peter Thatchell Foundation and the Human Rights Campaign.

England’s Prime Minister David Cameron will reportedly raise the issue with Putin, while President Obama has plans to meet with Russian LGBT activists and had previously canceled his one-on-one meeting with Putin.

For those who do not have a protest planned in their cities, LGBT activist Christian Vincent has organized the #WearRed4Russia protest. Just wear your favorite red clothing in a show of support for the LGBT citizens of Russia.


Check out a list of the protests happening in a city near you below:


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