Woman Raped After Leaving Orlando Gay Club, Case Investigated as Hate Crime (Video)

Police in Orlando, Florida are searching for three male suspects after a woman was attacked and brutally raped in a possible hate crime Sunday night, while walking home from the LGBT night club “Revolution.”

Orlando Police say the rape occurred early Sunday morning at approximately 1:00 AM after the victim had exited the popular downtown club and proceeded to walk home by herself. She was approached by three men in a silver vehicle who yelled sexual comments, including “lesbian” and “dyke,” at the woman before the attack.


The three men exited the vehicle and two of them pushed her to the ground, took off her underwear and one of them raped her, according to Orlando police.

Orlando’s WKMG News reports:

During the attack, the man who raped her allegedly said, “I’ll show you how a real man feels,” according to a police report.


The men drove off after the attack.

The woman could not provide a detailed description of the assailants but said the driver had short hair and was wearing a black T-shirt and khaki shorts. The woman also could not provide an exact location but said she remembered walking under an overpass, police said.

When Police arrived, they found the woman with scratches on her arms and a laceration on her chin.

The assault is being investigating as a hate crime by the Orlando Police Department.

Anyone with information about the attack is urged to call Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS.