Gay Russian Teenager Beaten and Tortured By Neo-Nazi Group In Broad Daylight (Video)


On Monday, one of the over 500 Russian Neo-Nazi groups targeting gay teenagers and young men in Russia, uploaded a new video of their latest attack on a gay Russian teenager. The 18-year-old victim Igor, was tricked and lured into a meeting in broad daylight and was ambushed by over 8 men who repeatedly kicked, punched and slapped the victim while verbally assaulting and humiliating him on camera. He was forced to come out on camera and identify himself so his family, friends and employers would know he was gay.


“Being outed in a small city or village in Russia very often means death,” says Larry Poltavtsev of the Spectrum Human Rights Alliance, a Washington, DC-based advocacy group for gay rights in Eastern Europe. “Exposed teenagers may commit suicide, or they’ll be harassed by your peers, their parents may kick them out of their house. It’s a nightmare.”

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This particular Russian Neo-Nazi group is operating as part of the “Occupy-Gerontofilyay” movement, which specifically targets gay male teens typically ranging in age between 15-18, who respond to the fake same-sex personal profiles they have created on Russia’s Facebook equivalent,


(Photo taken of the Neo-Nazi members the same day of the attack: Via

Group members then ambush the boys when they show up for their supposed date; they bully the boys, torture them, and have them make humiliating confessions about their sexuality, all while recording the encounters on camera.


Igor endured over 12 minutes of continuous punching and slapping while he was being asked humiliating questions. He was asked if he ‘fucks men’ and was repeatedly called a ‘faggot’ and a pedophile.

According to Larry Poltavtsev of the Spectrum Human Rights Alliance, the Neo-Nazi group accused the 18-year-old victim of being a pedophile because he was intending to meet a 16-year-old, even though the age of consent in Russia is 16 and makes his meeting entirely legal.

Then they make him announce his name and personal info and show his personal identification. He is then told to make a promise to marry and have kids and never try same-sex relations again.

At one point the victim pleads with his attackers to stop:

Victim: “Don’t hit me! I’m not a dog!”

Neo-Nazi Member: “You are worse than a dog!”

They then proceed to pull the victim by the hair as they continue their insults and violence:


To further humiliate their victim, the Neo-Nazi’s write the words ‘Pedophile’ and ‘fag’ on his shirt with a black permanent marker:


This new video also reveals these groups are now taking precautions to hide their identities by covering their faces with masks or clothing, perhaps due to the growing international media attention on their movement.


Watch the full video of the attack below:

The same Neo=Nazi group also posted this violent attack on a gay man who they lured into a similar meeting but he managed to escape them. They chased the victim into a busy street and began violently beating the man as he attempted to board a public bus. What the video really captured, is that if these groups have no fear attacking gay teenagers and men in the middle of the day on a busy street or park, what else are they capable of behind closed doors or when the camera is not rolling. Watch the incident below:

Important Update (8/21/13): Police Investigation of “Occupy-gerontofilyay” Group Finds ‘No Crime Committed’

Russia’s Investigative Committee has just finished a criminal investigation into the Tambov Neo-Nazi “Occupy-gerontofilyay” movement, which tricked and lured a 12-year-old boy online into a public meeting where they ambushed him and held him against his will. The Neo-Nazis accused him of homosexuality and forced the child to admit it on camera while mocking and torturing him.

The group later posted the video on the social network site and sent it to the young child’s friends and family to further humiliate and out the boy. The 15-minute video was also shared by the Neo-Nazi members social media channels, encouraging their followers to share the videos and become a part of this movement kidnapping and torturing gay children as young as 12.


According PROTAMBOV.RU in the investigation department of the Tambov region, a criminal case was denied because “there is no crime.”


The newspaper Moskovskij Komsomolets followed up on the 12-year-old’s fate:

He now refuses to go out or socialize with friends. But sadly, he doesn’t have many friends. Teenagers are cruel; the majority turned away from the humiliated boy. He will likely be removed from the school where he was studying before. … His mother even thinks about moving to a remote province, where there is no Internet and no one will know her son.

This particular Neo-Nazi branch of “Occupy-gerontofilyay” is spearheaded by Maxim (Pictured Right) and a 16-year-old Marcinkiewicz Moscow teenager hiding under the pseudonym Philip Doenitz (pictured left below).

Young children are encouraged to join this Neo-Nazi movement and carry out the attacks, because there is less of a chance of the juveniles being convicted should the police actually care to investigate these atrocities.


Last week, a video showing five young Russian Neo-Nazi vigilantes, viciously attacking a transgender woman in a public park and filming the entire incident, was uploaded to

In the video, the trans woman is being distracted by three men while a fourth suspect approaches the woman and punches her in the face:



As the victim tries to escape, she is again repeatedly kicked and punched while crawling on the ground: