Russian TV Presenter Was Fired After Coming Out As Gay On Live TV; All Footage Was Deleted From Internet

Russian television presenter Anton Krasovsky, was fired after coming out on live television on a Kremlin-backed Internet and cable television network he helped to launch.

Krasovsky, 37, made the announcement on the KontrTV network, saying

I’m gay, and I’m just the same person as you, my dear audience, as President Putin, as Prime Minister Medvedev and the deputies of our Duma.”


In a recent CNN interview, Krasovsky said he was sacked the same night that he made the announcement at the end of the Friday night show. His announcement drew applause from his audience and television crew. He said he then went into his dressing room and cried for twenty minutes before being fired a few hours later.

An attempt to cover up his coming out, has resulted in all the videos of his announcement being deleted from the Kontr TV website and YouTube:

They immediately blocked all my corporative accounts, my email. Literally immediately, overnight,” Krasovsky said. “They deleted not only my face from the website, but also all of my TV shows, as if I’d never really existed. The next day I wrote to [network head Sergey] Minaev that I was totally shocked. Because it takes them half a day to put up a banner when I ask them to, and here we had such efficiency. One could say they can when they want to. Now they’ve put everything back, but you couldn’t say why, really.

Mr Krasovsky, who was an editor-in-chief at the channel later told The Independent:

I have made a lot of money in television and I understood that I’d lose everything. But I also understood that I couldn’t do anything else. I didn’t do it so that I would get hundreds of likes on my Facebook page. I did it because I wanted them to hear it in the Kremlin. And they heard it, and were surprised.

He told that he felt like a hypocrite while covering the Russian “gay propaganda” law on his show:

The meaning of this whole story we are discussing now is that throughout my whole life, I’ve been struggling with myself. And this — as you call it — coming out is just another battle with myself, with my own hypocrisy, my own lies, and my own cowardice.

Watch Krasovsky’s Interview with CNN Below: