Denied! California Supreme Court Denies Request For Immediate Halt To Same-Sex Couples’ Marriages

The California Supreme Court rejected a request to put an immediate halt to same-sex couples’ marriages in the state on Monday. A request filed Friday by supporters of Proposition 8 asked the court to halt the marriages immediately.

Same-sex marriages had resumed on June 28 in California, following an appeals court action that allowed a 2010 trial-court decision finding that the Proposition 8 marriage amendment was unconstitutional to go into effect.

According to Buzzfeed:

The supporters of Proposition 8 also argue in the Friday filing that the trial-court ruling in the case, Perry v. Hollingsworth, cannot require state officials to stop enforcing Proposition 8 because the case was only about the two couples who filed the lawsuit.

The court on Friday had set a schedule requiring a briefing on those issues. The opposition to their request is to be filed “on or before Monday, July 22, 2013.” The Proposition 8 supporters will then have “until Thursday, August 1, 2013, in which to serve and file a reply to the preliminary opposition.”

Lets take a look at that beautiful document issued by the Supreme Court: