The Gay Rights Movement Part II: A Look Back At The Gay Blood Ban (Video)

Last year, Ryan James Yezak released a video, The Gay Rights Movement, in support of his first documentary “Second Class Citizens.” Now, Yezak has launched the first ever National Gay Blood Drive taking place today, Friday, July 12, in order to draw attention to the discriminatory and unnecessary nature of the ban national ban on of gay men donating blood.

Yezak has spliced together another inspirational video as a follow-up to his first video, which takes a look back at how the ban on gay blood donors in the United States came to be.

With a blood supply shortage, the gay blood drive’s intent is to ask why this ban still exists given the medical technological advances since the ban was first implemented over 30 years ago.

According to Ryan James Yezak:

The ban is outdated, and as a result, countless otherwise eligible gay and bisexual men are unable to contribute to the nation’s blood supply and help save lives – Especially a time when blood shortages are increasingly common. Not only that, but the ban perpetuates negative stereotypes and stigma. Whether intentional or not, it is discrimination based on sexual orientation.


The drive will take place this Friday across all 50 states, and is asking for all eligible gay/bisexual donors to show up at blood donation centers in their respective city, get tested at an onsite mobile HIV testing unit, and then attempt to donate their perfectly HIV-free blood. If you get tested & attempt to donate on your own, send your rejected test result to the following address by July 20th, 2013:

National Gay Blood Drive
PO Box 461990
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Watch The Gay Rights Movement II below: