Check Out Steve Grand’s Recently Resurfaced NSFW Modeling Photos

America’s ‘First Openly Gay Male Country’ singer-songwriter Steve Grand, released his self-funded and deeply emotional music video “All-American Boy” on July 3 and already it’s been viewed 611,000 times on YouTube!

In his debut track, he sings about having a crush on his best guy friend, immediately striking a nerve with his new fans who could finally relate to a song written by someone like them.

It also doesn’t hurt that he is one fine piece of man candy. Back in 2010, Grand posed for DNA Magazine in a series of photos shot by Tom Cullis, under his model name of Steve Chatham.

He recently spoke to The Backlot about his modeling past: “I wasn’t sure how people would respond to the video; things on the internet never go away. I knew that my modeling pictures that I did previously — which I am absolutely not ashamed of! I don’t regret them or think they’re a bad thing; the human body is something to be celebrated.”

And celebrate we will!





[PHOTO CREDIT: Tom Cullis/DNA Magazine]