[Exclusive] Lousine: Lesbian Matchmaker To The Straights (Video)

Allow us to introduce you to Lousine, the lesbian matchmaker to the straights. In a brand new online comedy series, Lousine will help her ‘straight’ clients find love in all the wrong places. You can catch new episodes on her YouTube channel every Tuesday.

(Check out our exclusive interview with Lousine below the video.)

Watch Episode 1 Below:

We caught up with Lousine and found out a little more about this up and coming stand-up comedian from Armenia:

louisine 2

Where are you originally from?

I was born in Yerevan, Armenia and my family migrated to Brooklyn, NY when I was two years old.

How did you get started as a stand-up comedian?

I’ve always enjoyed performing. My theater debut was in 2nd grade, where I played Ruth in my elementary school’s rendition of Pirates Of Penzance. In college I became more interested in film production and more specifically editing. I gave up on my acting dreams, because even in 2nd grade I knew I’d never get the coveted lead role, I’ve always been a plump one.

Two years ago, in the middle of Hurricane Irene, as I was going stir crazy in my apartment, heeding the warnings, I started to watch some standup, mainly Louie CK and Richard Pryor and I suddenly had an epiphany. You can do standup and look like anything, actually oddness might play in your favor and so I signed up for a comedy class.

After adding some short impersonations of my parents in my set and being frustrated with my overall delivery I spontaneously went through my jokes with my mother’s accent and a friend who had heard my set over 100 times (she was also coaching me through my performance) suddenly busted out in an uncontrollable laugh and didn’t stop until I ran through my 7 minutes. Suddenly I felt like I was on to something and since then I’ve done my stand up with this Armenian accent.

Are you a lesbian or is it just a character you play on the web series?

I’m definitely a lesbian. I came out when I was 16, or more appropriately, my mom dragged me out because it turned out she was reading my diary at the time.

What was your inspiration for the web series “Lousine: Lesbian Matchmaker To The Straights”?

A comedian friend, Sonya Alvarez (who is my first client in the episode) suggested that I make my own videos. The idea of matchmaking just seemed to be the next logical choice because this is actually a secret hobby of mine and I’m proud to reveal, the couple in the open are my first successful match.

Do you only a matchmaker for the ‘straights’ or do you also help out the gays?

Some people ask me, why not match the gays? Well frankly, gay men sure don’t need my help and well, with lesbians, there would be a real conflict of interest, because I’d probably want to hoard every cute butch to myself and chances are they’d run screaming.