Paul Thomas Mitchell, 19, Performs ‘My Life’ On America’s Got Talent (Video)

19-year-old Paul Thomas Mitchell, told his heart breaking story on America’s Got Talent last week, of growing up with parents who were alcoholics and hurting too much themselves to give him the love and attention he deserved.

dad and son

Thankfully, after years of alcohol abuse, his father finally sobered up and became the dad Paul always dreamed of having.


To show his dad how much he means to him, Paul wrote an original song titled ‘My Life’, and performed it with a voice reminiscent of John Mayer.

His song won over the entire audience, prompting him to break down in tears along with nearly every audience member. Even host Nick Cannon was left teary-eyed.

“I wanna come and hug you!” Heidi Klum told the young singer, after his amazing performance.