Married Gay Dads With Four Sons Struggle For Equality (Video)

Celebrating 20 years as a couple, Mark Maxwell and Timothy Young of Winston-Salem, NC, are foster parents to four boys -– Torin (13), Justin (16), Derrick (17), and Brandon (24). They are unable to jointly adopt the boys because despite being married in Washington, DC this year, the state of North Carolina prohibits adoption by same-sex couples.

50 years

“It’s all about family for us, and so Tim and I getting married is a message to our boys that we are one family – that’s what it’s about,” Maxwell says in the video. “I would not want to parent with another person because we balance each other. We each have gifts that we bring to our family. I truly have my soulmate. … We want society to say, ‘We will protect this family.’”


Mark and Tim share their story of why marriage matters so much to their family. The video is a joint project of Campaign for Southern Equality and Freedom to Marry.

Watch the video below