Update: Miami Mayoral Candidate Endorsed by Jesus Christ Comes in Last Place; Gay Candidate Gets Most Votes!

Yesterday we told you about Florida mayoral candidate Anna L. Pierre, who had claimed she had received the ultimate political endorsement of Jesus Christ. Pierre’s campaign posters featured an image of Jesus and a message that reads “Anna Pierre, RN is endorsed by Jesus Christ.”



Pierre had told the Miami Herald Jesus came to her in a dream:

I had a revelation when I was going to give up on this race. I had a dream, I know what I saw. A figure I can’t explain told me, ‘Don’t be afraid, I am your friend. I am walking with you side by side. You are not alone.’ I felt it was from heaven. It was an endorsement by Jesus.

Out of the 6,783 votes cast in yesterday’s election, Ms. Pierre received a whopping 56 votes or 0.83% of the vote! That’s right, she came in dead last.

Because none of the seven candidates received a majority of the votes, the two candidates with the most votes will compete in a run-off election next month to decide the winner on June 4.

The two candidates advancing to the run-off election are former North Miami mayor Kevin Burns, who received 33 percent of the vote, and Lucie Tondreau, with 28 percent.

Lucie M. Tondreau (Left) Kevin Burns (Right)
Lucie M. Tondreau (Left) Kevin Burns (Right)

In an ironic twist, Burns is openly gay, and it appears that Christ has officially endorsed the gays this time around.

The Unofficial Vote Count as of May 15 (Absentee votes are still being tallied):
Kevin Burns 2,254 | 33.22%
Lucie M. Tondreau 1,870 | 27.56%
Smith Joseph 1,561 | 23.00%
Gwendolyn V. Boyd 555 | 8.18%
Jean Rodrigue Marcellus 374 | 5.51%
Modira Escarment 116 | 1.71%
Anna L. Pierre 56 | 0.83%